Brokerage Structure for Nov-Dec 2018

Terms and Conditions:

The brokerage/commission/remuneration indicated above is on a gross basis, and inclusive of applicable GST and other statutory levies, from time to time.

  1. a) Distributor has to registered GSTIN number on Karvymfs website.
  2. a) Trail commission will be paid monthly basis.
  1. b) In case of switches within equity schemes the brokerage would be clawed back from the source scheme and brokerage for the target scheme will be paid.
  1. c) For B-30 Incentive – Full Claw back of brokerage will for 365 days from the date of allotment.
  1. quant Money Managers Limited reserves the right to change the brokerage structure without any prior intimation.
  1. Please read the SAI, SID & Addendum of respective schemes carefully to confirm scheme details.
  1. The brokerage / commission / remuneration/incentive structure is subject to the terms and conditions mentioned in the Distributor’s Agreement and / or the Empanelment Form, as may be amended from time to time including any regulatory modifications thereof.
  1. In accordance with the SEBI Circular dated June 30, 2009, the upfront brokerage/commission, if any would be paid by the investor directly to the distributor, based on his assessment of various factors including the services rendered by the distributor.
  1. Distributor will disclose to the Investor that no entry load will be charged for Purchase / additional purchase / switch-in transactions, registration under systematic Investment Plans / Systematics Transfer Plans of quant Mutual Fund.
  1. Distributor shall disclose to the Investor(s) all the brokerage / commission / remuneration / incentive (in the form of trail commission or any other mode) for the different competing Schemes from amongst which the Scheme of quant Mutual Fund is recommended to the Investor(s).
  1. Decision of AMC pertaining to brokerage calculation and other matters pertaining thereto shall be final & binding.
  1. On change of distributor (ARN Code) and on transfer of AUM from one distributor (ARN Code) to another distributor (ARN Code), the trail commission in respect of transferred assets will not be paid to Old distributor (ARN Holder) as well as new distributor (ARN Holder).

Note: As per the Know Your Distributor (KYD) norms introduced by AMFI, brokerage / commission will be paid only to such distributors who are KYD compliant Payment of brokerage /commission will be withheld if any distributor does not comply with the KYD requirement and the same will be released only after the distributor complies with the KYD requirement.

Dynamic – Pricing

Equity Brokerage Slabs Criteria:

  • Delta Brokerage – No Criteria, all AMFI certifies distributors will be eligible.
  • Gamma Brokerage – if any of the below criteria achieved:
Equity AUM> 20 Lac
Gross Sales in a Month>1 Lac
SIP Book>=25000
Gross SIP Sales in a Month>=5000
  • Vega Brokerage – if any of the criteria satisfies
Equity AUM> 30 Lac
Gross Sales in a Month>2 Lac
SIP Book>=50000
Gross SIP Sales in a Month>=8000
  • For Liquid Fund, Criteria is as follows

Gamma:   >= 1 Cr to 5 Cr (per transaction size)

Vega:       > 5 Cr (Per transaction size )


  • Movement from one slab to another will be automatic at the back end.
  • AUM / SIP book with quant AMC equity products.
  • Month Means 1stto 30th or 31stof every month.
  • AUM or Gross Sales in Equity Schemes or SIP Book or Gross Monthly SIP sales
  • Trail of the quant products will be tagged to the business month. Hence, same brokerage will continue till asset last irrespective of category status next month.
  • If distributor attains certain business level / they will get tagged to the higher brokerage as mentioned in the matrix. Again these criteria’s may change but it will not impact the existing achievers during the financial year.
  • Equity means Equity /Balanced and ELSS category
  • All prices are governed by SEBI / AMFI guidelines
  • We adhere to AMFI best pricing practice
  • Equity means – equity / elss and hybrid products
  • All figures are in Rupees