Brokerage Structure for 14 Jan - 31 Mar 2019

Notes: A. General:

  1. This is further to your empanelment with quant Money Managers Limited.
  2. This brokerage structure outlined in the table above are applicable for the period January 14, 2019 to March 31, 2019 to However, quant Money Managers Limited (AMC) reserves the right to change the applicable Brokerage Rates as it may deem fit without any prior intimation or notification in the intermittent period in case of Regulatory Changes / Change in Industry practices in respect to payment of Brokerage on Funds or due to any other circumstances which AMC may deem fit.

 Statutory/ AMFI Regulations

The commission structure communicated by quant Money Managers Limited from time to time is all inclusive i.e. inclusive of any cess, charges, taxes, etc. that may be applicable to the Distributor and eligible for all the applicable statutory deductions, including Income Tax ,GST and any other indirect taxes as may be applicable if any.

  1. Investment in quant Tax Plan (an Open-ended equity linked tax saving scheme with a 3 year lock in) is currently eligible for deduction under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act, 1961. Investors should be requested to consult their tax advisor in this matter.
  2. The rules and regulations of SEBI/ AMFI pertaining to brokerage payment to distributors will also be applicable for payment of the above mentioned brokerage structure.
  3. The above brokerage structure is based on the present expense ratio allowed by SEBI. Any change by SEBI in the expense ratio will entail a change in the above brokerage structure.
  4. In case any Assets under your ARN Code are transferred to another Distributor at the request of the Investor, you shall not be entitled to receive any trail commission on such assets. Further, the payments of Trail Commission on Assets that are transferred from another Distributor to your ARN Code shall be subject to us receiving a ”Clearance Certificate” from the previous Distributor and shall be subject to applicable rules. Please contact the AMC or in its Instruction for further details.
  5. The distributors shall adhere to all applicable SEBI Regulations and more particularly SEBI circulars dated June 26, 2002 and August 27, 2009 on the Code of Conduct and other guidelines issued by AMFI from time to time for mutual fund distributors and ensure that (i) no rebate is given to investors in any form and (ii) there is no splitting of applications for any benefit.
  6. In terms of SEBI / AMFI circulars / guidelines, the Channel Partners shall submit to quant Mutual all account opening and transaction documentation including Know Your Client, Power of Attorney (PoA), Account Opening Form, etc. in respect of investors / transactions through Channel Partners. Further, the payment of commission shall be made by AMC depending on the documentation completion status.
  7. SEBI has communicated to all mutual Fund/ AMCs that any sales, marketing, promotional or other literature / material about the fund house products prepared by its distributors need to adhere and comply with the guidelines issued by SEBI with respect to the advertisement by Mutual Funds. It has further advised the AMCs to take suitable steps for put in place a mechanism for proactive oversight in this regard.
  8. The Distributor shall not make representations/ statements concerning the units of the schemes other than as contained in the current SID(s), Key Information Memorandum and printed information issued by quant Mutual / quant Money Managers Limited as information supplemental to such documents. The Distributor shall only use such advertising / sales material for distributing / selling activities as provided approved by quant Money Managers Limited when advertising. The Distributor shall not indulge in any kind of malpractice or unethical practice to sell, market or induce any investor to buy mutual qMF units which may directly / indirectly impact quant Mutual / quant Money Managers Limited in any manner.
  9. In terms of a SEBI directive, the Distributor / Advisor shall not take any Irrevocable Power of Attorney from its clients in connection with investments in the schemes of quant Mutual and that the liability of Distributor / Advisor shall not be limited and depend upon his failure to discharge his obligations.
  10. AMFI has vide circular dated August 27, 2010 introduced Know Your Distributor (KYD) norms for Mutual Fund Distributors with effect from September 1, 2010, which is similar to Know Your Client (KYC) norms for investors, requiring the distributors to submit identity proof, address, PAN and bank account details with proof. KYD norms are applicable for fresh ARN registrations and ARN renewals effective September 1, 2010. The existing ARN holders are required to comply with these norms by March 31, 2011, failing which AMCs have been mandated to suspend payment of commission till the distributors comply with the requirements. All the Distributors / Advisors are encouraged to complete the KYD requirements at the earliest. The KYD Forms and Process Note are available on AMFI website
  11. This brokerage structure is subject to EUIN regulations/guidelines as specified by SEBI/AMFI and/or adopted by the Mutual Fund Industry.
  12. The decision of the AMC shall be considered final.
  13. Any claims, disputes or difference arising under or in connection with this arrangement or anything done or omitted to be done pursuant hereto shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the civil courts in Mumbai.
  14. In the event of excess payment of brokerage to the Distributor, AMC shall have the right to deduct and appropriate the excess amount from any amounts subsequently payable by the AMC to the Distributor. In the event that no subsequent amount is payable by the AMC to the Distributor, the Distributor shall refund the same to the AMC within 30 days of demand by the AMC.
  15. This brokerage amount is inclusive of GST and all applicable taxes.
  16. The trail outlined as First Year will be paid from the date of allotment of the units till the end of 1st year from the date of allotment, provided the Assets remain invested in the fund. Similarly, the Second Year trail will be paid from the beginning of the second year from the date of allotment of the units till the end of the 2nd year, provided the Assets remain invested in the fund. The Third Year onwards trail will be paid from the beginning of the 3rd year from the date of the allotment till such time that the Assets, to which the trail relates to, remain invested in the fund. The trail payments will be made in each year as outlined above, provided that the Total Expense Ratio and / or Brokerage payment from the relevant fund remain unchanged as applicable on the date of the brokerage structure and on the date of actual allotment of units (FYT / SYT / TYT onwards) is payable. The AMC reserves the right to review these rates and make changes as appropriate including in the event where the total expense ratio changes at a later date. The Distributor may or may not be intimated of any changes, to the computation/ payment of trail.